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Leadership Risk Report

How aware are you of the potential risks associated with the most significant strengths of your own or your managers leadership styles?

Used for

  • Mitigating potential risk to your organization and the work culture
  • Identifying leadership risk within your organization
  • Developing and identifying future leaders
  • Strategic audit of leadership risks
  • Recruiting successful leaders

Individual Profile

Wave Leadership Risk Report identifies potential risks associated with a specific leadership behavior and how to leverage them effectively in relation to the impact they have on the individual, organization and culture.

The report highlights an individual’s top two potential risk areas and their unintended negative consequences. Practical advice is provided on the positive and negative implications of their behaviour and how to mitigate any potential risk.

Group Profile

A complimentary dynamic risk overview can be generated illustrating the group risk of an executive team.

Generated from the Wave Professional Styles personality questionnaire.



Goes beyond the individual focus of risk and looks at the potential impact on an organization and its culture.
Provides practical tips to help mitigate risk and the repercussions.
Provides insight into strengths and potentially critical consequences of significant forces.
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Test Administration

Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

40 minutes - Wave® Professional Styles

Group Overview

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