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Aptitude Assessment Certification

1 Certification – 42 Assessment Reports

Be a certified user of Saville’s Aptitude Assessments and gain competencies to identify analytical capacity, learning potential and work pace within work relevant areas. The tests are particularly useful for recruitment but can also be used for development.

As a certified user, you will be able to use Saville’s world class aptitude portfolio, including Swift Analysis Aptitude, Swift Executive Aptitude, Swift Analysis Verbal & Numerical, Swift Comprehension Aptitude and Abstract Reasoning Aptitude.


  • Classical test Theory and Item Response Theory
  • Test results
  • Saville’s aptitude assessment portfolio
  • Example on use of test profiles
  • In depth focus on test feedback/interview techniques through practical exercises

On the course you will gain competencies to:

  • make better decisions within recruitment and development based on valid data.
  • identify analytical capacity, learning potential and pace under time pressure.
  • uncover individual strengths and development areas.
  • provide inspiration improving aptitude capacity.

Duration: 1 day

Language requirements: English – Professional Working Proficiency.
If you do not have the necessary language abilities, please contact us and we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

Precondition: Delegates who are not previously certified in other test tools need to complete the e-learning ‘Occupational Assessment and Psychometrics’.

25% discount is given if you are a minimum of two people joining the same training course from the same company. Contact us for more information about prices.

Course dates

11 April 2024 (in Danish)
18 April (in English) - Online
16 May 2024 (in Danish)
13 June 2024 (in Danish)
20 June (in English) - Online
15 August 2024 (in Danish)
12 September 2024 (in Danish)
19 September, 2024 (in English) - Online
10 October, 2024 (In Danish)
19 October, 2024 (In English) - Online
14 November, 2024 (In Danish)
21 November, 2024 (In English) - Online
14 December, 2024 (In Danish)
Citat Deloitte
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Saville’s aptitude tests are a strong predictor of workplace effectiveness, when assessing candidates’ analytical capacity. The broad portfolio of aptitude tests is an important part of our recruitment process and ensures a more precise evaluation and assessment of candidates at all levels.

Mette Falsig Perregaard
Manager, HR & Talent at Deloitte