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Work Strengths

A superior approach to screening of behavioral strengths. Especially suitable for graduate programs/volume recruitments, management trainees, managers and professional roles.

Target Group

The Work Strengths behavioural profile identifies the potential strengths and development areas of an individual within 36 competency areas.

Used for

  • Assessing applicants against organizational and cultural fit.
  • Structuring and standardizing interviews.
  • Efficient screening for large volumes of graduate candidates.
  • Supporting manager recruitment with Interview Guides.

For large candidate numbers, a merit list of scores against the key requirements can be provided.

Environment Fit Report

Complimentary with a Behavioural Profile, an Environment Fit Report can be generated without any extra cost to be used by leaders, assessors, interviewers and other stakeholders. The Environment Fit Report focus on the candidates Predicted Culture/Environment Fit and is used for selection, placement, promotion and talent development. The report highlights the aspects of the culture, job and environment that are likely to enhance or inhibit the person’s success. The report do not require accreditation.

Further to above, two other reports can be generated based on a completion of Work Strengths:


Positive candidate experience - questions are relevant with short completion times
Accurate prediction of behaviors, improving the caliber of later stage candidates.
Better prediction of preferred company culture - shows performance enhancers and inhibitors.
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Test Administration

Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

20 minutes

Group Overview

Access via Oasys free of charge

Requires guidance from an accredited Wave user