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Job & Culture Requirements

Defining the requirements for a role is crucial in order to find the best candidate that will perform at work, but it can be an overwhelming process. Knowing if a candidate matches both the job requirements and your culture will tell you if they will perform better, find the environment more satisfying, and stay longer.

Our unique framework features competency and culture profiling surveys that create the foundation for any hiring process – a definition of the job, the cultural context, and the ideal employee.

Combining our consultants’ expertise and profiling products, we help clients understand which behaviours and competencies deliver successful performance. We take account of organisational values and culture to ensure competencies are aligned with future requirements. We have an online Job Profiler, and Performance Culture Card Sets which can help ensure you get the right competencies and understand what you’re looking for, before you assess.

Job Profiler

A 10 minute online multi-rater questionnaire that quickly and efficiently gathers a number of individual perspectives on new or existing job roles.

Performance Culture Card Deck

The Card Decks provide a structured and interactive format to discuss and agree which behaviours are the most important in any given application.