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Why Use Psychometric Testing?

Research has shown that psychometric testing plays a major role in the prediction of job performance and development potential across a very wide range of job roles. Understanding the aptitudes people possess and the behavioural styles they display are vital for making decisions about hiring, developing and engaging people.

  • Tests are standardised and objective measures which can be delivered conveniently and efficiently online.
  • They are a strong starting point for a good interview.
  • They are benchmarked against well-sampled comparison groups.
  • Tests are ‘blind’ to issues such as gender, race and socioeconomic background and therefore reduce the unconscious biases inherent in human judgement.
  • Tests can be among the most valid methods for identifying and developing talent.
  • They contribute to wellbeing, engagement and productivity.
  • If done well, testing has been shown to improve an organisation’s image.