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Focusing on competency development have a strong impact on employee efficiency, engagement and motivation in the job.

It is a question of developing the individual’s personal and work-related knowledge and competencies in within important business areas that benefit both the employee and company.

In collaboration with the individual or the leader/HR, development programs are for both the team, leader or employee.


Teambuilding at all levels

Most results within any organization depend on a strong collaboration. To succeed and achieve the best results, companies are dependent on the employees’ ability and motivation to cooperate with each other. It is crucial that the individual employee not only feel responsible for their own area but see it as a part of an entity. Each team member must understand and accept the common tasks, goals and rules for all members to be mutually responsible.
An essential factor in this process is to have an open and constructive communication, where feedback is the key factor. The ability to understand each other and to know each other’s strengths and less strong sides is important in order to optimally utilize the synergy of the team.


  • To promote mutual accountability.
  • Secure optimal learning through open and constructive communication.
  • Create synergy of diversity.


Do you wish to focus on leadership in your organization looking into leadership styles, impact and risk areas? Or do you want to focus on the collaboration in a leadership group?

Saville offers individual leadership development or development of leadership teams based on the part of Saville’s test portfolio focusing on leadership.

Leaders have a crucial effect on the company culture, positively and negatively. The leader’s personal qualifications and professional skills have a huge impact on the leader’s ability to create follow-ship. The leader must participate in an inspiring collaboration and help the individual employee and the team to perform and deliver the desired results. If not, the effectiveness of the organization may be weakened in both a short- and long-term perspective.

The development of well-functioning and high value leadership teams is therefore on top of the agenda in many organizations. It is crucial that the members of a leadership team work in the same direction, utilize the team’s individual competencies optimally and ensure their development both as individual leaders and as a leadership team.

In other words, there is a great responsibility on each leader who continuously must assure that leadership are not down prioritized in favor of daily operations.


How do you support that individual development in your organization meets current and future requirements?

It is crucial to ensure that specialist and other employees focus on own development areas in line with the company’s needs and competitive situation. Employee development is about highlighting developing competencies within both operational and strategically important areas of the organization to ensure that the individual employee thrives and performs optimally.

Saville Consulting Danmark offers individual development programs focusing on the employee’s strengths and development areas.


What do you do to develop the talents within your organization?

Talent development is about focusing on developing competencies within important strategic areas in an organization. It is important to ensure that the selection of talents is linked to the overall strategy of the organization.
A focus on the combination of motivation, talent, abilities and professional experiences, talented employees’ satisfaction is increased, and it ensures that the available resources in the company are utilized in the best way possible.
Saville’s test tools offer this specific insight into the employees’ and leaders’ strengths and development areas in relation to the demands placed on them now and in the future.

Saville Consulting Danmark offers individual assessments and assessment centers (with several participants) with the purpose of selecting talents to the organization’s talent pool and/or focusing on individual talent development.