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Aptitude Tests Swift® – Apply the leading analytical tests for recruitment and development

Intelligence test, IQ test, cognitive test, stress test, analytical test or ability test? The range of assessment tools in analytical skills is many and measures different parameters.

Saville’s aptitude tests are cognitive tests developed for use in a business context and constructed to uncover the following:

  • Analytical capacity
  • Potential for learning
  • Ability to work under a time pressure

They all have business-relevant content and are extremely valuable to use in recruitment and development processes, as well as a part of a large-scale screening process.

Saville’s Portfolio of Aptitude Test / Analytical Test / Cognitive Test

The portfolio is divided in the following three categories:

Target group – Which test to chose?

The aptitude assessments consist of a comprehensive portfolio of tests used for a range of roles, including Verbal (V), Numerical (N), Diagrammatic (D), Abstract (A), Error Checking (C), Spatial (S), and Mechanical (M) aptitudes that predict the ability to work with words, numbers, systems, logic, details, designs and equipment.

The tests are segmented into job and target group and have been designed for use in either recruitment or development. Further to this, they can be used as part of screening processes in relation to volume assessment.

To ensure a multi-faceted assessment, it is advantageous to supplement these tests with a personality test, which combined is a very powerful tool in both recruitment and development contexts.

Why use Saville’s aptitude tests?

Large Pool of Questions (Item Bank)

All questions are drawn from a larger pool of questions (item bank). Hence, a person does not get the same exact questions if completing the test more than once.

Strengthen Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Studies show that aptitude or ability tests are the best predictors of workplace effectiveness. Using the right aptitude tests as part of a recruitment process can bring a significant Return on Investment by helping to ensure the right person is chosen for the role.

Give your candidate the best user experience – Try out a free test!

To ensure a good candidate and user experience, we offer free online preparation guides/practice tests under time pressure. You can read more about the analytical test / cognitive test here: Candidate Preparation.