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Swift Technical Aptitude

An aptitude test (cognitive test) based on spatial (3 minutes), mechanical (3 minutes) and diagrammatic (4 minutes) sub-tests, proven to be predictive of workplace performance.

Target Group: Construction, engineering, technical and operational roles.

Our Swift Technical Aptitude assessment is a combination test measuring three aptitudes in one assessment.

The test report includes:

  • An introduction
  • Comprehension Aptitude Profile with Total Score and Aptitude Area (Spatial, Mechanical & Diagrammatic) Sub-scores
  • Illustration of aptitudes/results in regards to pace
  • Tips on improving abilities

Large Pool of Questions (Item Bank)

All questions are drawn from a larger pool of questions (item bank). Hence, a person does not get the same questions if completing the test more than once.

Free Aptitude Test – Try Out a Free Test!

To ensure a good candidate and user experience, free online preparation guides/practice tests are available under time pressure. You can read more here: Candidate Preparation.


Invited Access (IA)

The report is available in Invited Access (IA).

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Test Administration

Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

10 minutes

Group Overview

Access via Oasys free of charge

Accreditation Required