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Personality Assessment Certification (Wave)

1 Certification – 13 Assessment Reports

Be a certified user of Saville’s personality assessments and gain competencies using world class assessment tools for recruitment and development.

As a certified user, you will be able to use Saville’s personality assessments including Wave Professional Styles and Wave Focus Styles as well as getting access to a wide range other test reports.


  • Saville Consulting Wave (Wave Professional Styles, Wave Focus Styles and Wave Strengths)
  • Competency based assessment
  • Competency based feedback and interview
  • In depth focus on test feedback/interview techniques through practical exercises

On the course you will gain competencies to

  • make better decisions within recruitment and development based on valid data.
  • identify talent, motivation and cultural match between the individual and the organization.
  • uncover individual strengths and development areas.

Duration: 2 days, incl. preparation materials which must be completed before attending the training course.

Language requirements: English – Professional Working Proficiency.
If you do not have the necessary language abilities, please contact us and we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

Precondition: Delegates who are not previously certified in other test tools need to complete the e-learning ‘Occupational Assessment and Psychometrics’.

After the training course – Wave Follow Up: Delegates who participate on the Personality Assessment Training Course and are not previously certified in other test tools also need to participate on “Wave Follow-up” (1 hour individual session – online) in order to be finally Wave certified in Saville’s Personality Assessment.

Previously certified can also attend Wave Follow Up Session.

25% discount is given if you are a minimum of two people joining the same training course from the same company. Contact us for more information about prices.

Course dates

9 - 10 April, 2024 (in Danish)
16 - 17 April, 2024 (in English) - Online
14 - 15 May, 2024 (in Danish)
11 - 12 June, 2024 (in Danish)
18 - 19 June, 2024 (in English) - Online
13 - 14 August, 2024 (in Danish)
10 - 11 September, 2024 (in Danish)
17 - 18 September, 2024 (in English) - Online
8 - 9 October, 2024 (in Danish)
17 - 18 October, 2024 (in English) - Online
12 - 13 November, 2024 (in Danish)
19 - 20 November, 2024 (in English) - Online
5 - 6 December, 2024 (in English) - Online
10 - 11 December, 2024 (in Danish)
Citat PensionDanmark
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"We have very successfully introduced Saville's personality test Wave®. Both managers and HR describe Wave as an invaluable assessment tool providing insights into the cultural match between the assessee and PensionDanmark."

Pernille Marie Hagendal
Head of People and Culture, PensionDanmark