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Wave 360° Assessment

360° assessment delivers individual feedback in the most powerful way.

Use Saville’s 360° assessment tools to evaluate how an individual perceives themselves compared to how they are perceived by others.

  • Focus on strengths and identify ’blind spots’
  • Highlight a person’s performance and potential
  • Give inspiration to a relevant action plan

Saville offers two different 360° assessment tools both providing information on how an individual perceives themselves, is being perceived by others and how the evaluations are compared to a norm group.
These 360° assessment tools help the individual to acknowledge differences between own perception of performance and others perception.

Both reports give all raters the option to provide more detailed and specific feedback by free text boxes.

Wave Performance 360

Based on the 36 Wave competencies, the Wave Performance 360 report shows how an individual perceives their own performance at work compared to how others perceive them. Available with or without an Ability Profile.

Wave Leadership Impact 360

A powerful development tool for highlighting how leaders in the organization identify themselves compared to how they are being perceived by others. It gives an organisational perspective of leadership impact and gathers feedback from a range of key stakeholders on a leader’s impact across nine critical areas.