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Wave 360° Evaluation

360° Evaluation – Award Winning Tools for Personal Development.

Wave 360° evaluation tools provide detailed descriptions on how an individual perceives themselves compared to how they are perceived by others.

The 360° evaluation tools can be used for:

  • Focusing on strengths and identifying ’blind spots’
  • Uncovering a person’s current performance and potential
  • Inspiration for developing a relevant action plan
  • Encouraging a culture where employees help each other accelerating personal development

360° evaluation is a powerful method for creating individual development plans for specialists and managers and for providing input to leadership development programmes.

360° Perspective

To make an in-depth evaluation of a person, it is necessary to rate the person’s performance from several relevant angles. In order to evaluate whether there is alignment between how the focus person perceives themselves and how they are being perceived by others, it can be relevant to involve the focus person’s manager, colleagues, employees and other relevant stakeholders. In addition to the focus person, up to four rater groups can be added.

Short Response Time

It only takes 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire and the reports are simple and user friendly. They provide a simple overview of the evaluation from the different rater groups. It also shows the areas where the raters agree or disagree and thus indicates potential areas for attention that the person might be able to develop and focus on.

Two Different 360° Evaluation Tools

Saville offers two different 360° evaluation tools. Both tools give the raters the opportunity to provide more detailed feedback for the focus person, using free text boxes.

Wave Performance 360

Based on the 36 Wave competencies, the Wave Performance 360 report shows how an individual perceives their own performance at work compared to how others perceive them. Available with or without an Ability Profile.

Wave Leadership Impact 360

A powerful development tool for highlighting how leaders in the organization identify themselves compared to how they are being perceived by others. It gives an organisational perspective of leadership impact and gathers feedback from a range of key stakeholders on a leader’s impact across nine critical areas.

Target Group

The 360° reports can be used for both specialists and managers. Regardless of who you want to evaluate using the 360° evaluation tool, you get a sublime opportunity to make the focus person – and their team – more aware of perceived performance. In addition, the focus person will get insights into how they can develop their performance in the future. This will benefit the individual, their team as well as the company.