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Interview Guide

Wave Interview Guide structures the competency based interview and reduces bias with a user-friendly report for recruitment.

Generated from the Wave Professional Styles, Wave Focus Styles and Work Strengths personality questionnaires.

Used for

  • Recruitment

Designed for use by recruiters, assessors and line managers, this report provides a clear structure for interviewers and ensures that valuable interview time is focused on core areas. The Interview Guide verifies strengths and specifically targets areas of possible concern identified from the questionnaire. Interviewers are presented with structured questions and probes designed to measure both talent and motive.

Interview Guide – Content of the Report

  • Interview Scores Summary: A structured approach to mark which 4-6 competencies are the most important to become successful in the job.
  • Interview Questions: Questions targeted each competency area as well as inspiration to further identify both talent and motivation.
  • Interview Summary: Template for systematic follow-up.


Reduces preparation time prior to the interview significantly.
Increases objectivity in the interview process and across interviewers.
Better prediction of job performance and potential by focusing on the most important competencies.
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Test Administration

Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

40 minutes - Wave® Professional Styles or 13 minutes - Wave® Focus Styles


20 minutes - Work Strengths

No Training Required