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10 Ways Wave Transforms Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is key to any organization. Utilizing powerful research, data and technology, Wave provides you with an unrivaled framework for smarter hiring.

Here are 10 ways Wave transforms talent acquisition with smarter assessments, delivering exceptional results.

1. Reducing Risk reducing risk icon

As the most powerful predictor of workplace performance and potential, the Wave questionnaires offer the highest validity of any personality questionnaire on the market. Why does this matter so much? Put simply, it reduces the risk of a bad hire from 1 in 5 to 1 in 50 (risks include financial cost, productivity disruption and reputation damage).

2. Diving Deeperdiving deeper icon

Wave gives you more insight. It is the only tool to identify the relationship between workplace motive, talent and culture. This increases the odds of a successful hire and better fit, showing you what a candidate enjoys doing, what they are good at doing and the work environment in which they are most likely to thrive.

3. Assessing with Algorithmsassessing algorithms icon

Underpinned by unparalleled data sets, the Wave model provides a framework for matching drivers for success in a given role and also identifying future potential. Roles can be profiled using interactive card sort exercises or the Role Fit app which uses smart algorithms.

4. Screening Candidatesscreening candidates icon

The remarkable validity of Wave can also be applied to candidate screening decisions. Our latest assessment, Match 6.5, powered by Wave, is the fastest way to match the right talent to the right role with a completion time of just six and a half minutes. Specific role-fit scores are generated, enabling fast and accurate screening decisions.

5. Increasing Efficiencyincreasing efficiency icon

The breadth and depth of information gathered from the Wave questionnaires would be impossible to glean from other assessment methods. The combination of data from Wave AI scoring with in-person parts of the process results in efficient and effective screening and selection.

6. Benchmarking Talentbenchmarking talent icon

Dynamic group overviews can be generated automatically to summarize the caliber of your candidates. This real-time assessment data helps organizations monitor trends in applicant pools. It also informs smarter, targeted and more efficient screening and selection decisions.

7. Distinguishing Talentdistinguishing talent icon

The questionnaires use a unique ‘rate and rank’ format to really tease apart candidate strengths and challenge areas. This gives a deeper level of insight than any other questionnaire. Organizations can start to understand what really makes a candidate tick.

8. Spotting Fakesspotting fakes icon

With smarter use of AI, the questionnaires have in-built checks and balances to test for consistency. Report outputs illustrate how a candidate has interacted with the questionnaire and mitigates for overly positive or overly negative profiles. These mechanisms ensure the profile presented has unparalleled accuracy.

9. Balancing Biasbalancing bias icon

Powered by strong evidence-based research, Wave can ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’. Technical handbooks are available illustrating fairness, reliability and validity figures. This all helps to reduce the opportunity for conscious and unconscious bias, enabling objective and defensible decision making at each stage of the hiring process.

10. Interacting with Usersinteracting with users icon

The questionnaire intuitively responds and interacts with users, presenting candidates with a more engaging experience. The questions are work relevant and the reporting is straightforward, and business-like for candidates, managers and hiring specialists. Wave-powered Interview Guides are available for line managers engaged in devolved recruitment.