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Entrepreneurial Report

What characterizes a strong entrepreneur? Which characteristics does it require starting with virtually nothing or starting something new in an existing company?

Used for

  • Identifying talented entrepreneurs
  • Identifying change agents in the company
  • Building effective innovation teams
  • Building a performance culture
  • Coaching entrepreneurs and maximising their development
  • Driving corporate entrepreneurship and innovation

The Wave Entrepreneurial Potential Report is powered by the Entrecode® model addressing six core areas entrepreneurs should be able to navigate in. The zones are defined on the basis of fifteen years of studies conducted by Professor David Hall and his team, and the result is used today by companies in order to create great business results.

Generated from the Wave Professional Styles and Wave Focus Styles personality questionnaires.


Predicts entrepreneurial potential - across six core areas and 21 entrepreneurial competencies.
Spot opportunities for new markets using entrepreneurial thinkers.
Revitalises organizations - by identifying the 10% of corporate managers who have the entrepreneurial talent to lead business transformation.
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Test Administration

Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

40 minutes - Wave® Professional Styles


13 minutes - Wave® Focus Styles

Accreditation Required