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Abstract Reasoning Aptitude

An aptitude test (cognitive test) that in 16 minutes measures the ability to find the logic and systematics in a given sequence under time pressure. The candidate must find the logic of the patterns to which they are presented.

Target Group: Positions with a high complexity level – such as directors, managers, professionals, graduates, management trainees as well as in connection with talent programmes.

Abstract Reasoning Aptitude have been designed for use in either recruitment or development and can also be used as a part of a screening process in relation to volume assessment.

Abstract Reasoning is based on inductive logical reasoning. The aim of developing the Abstract Series format was producing a modern, straightforward, language-free, and globally applicable alternative to traditional logic tests. The Abstract Series format also has the advantage that it requires less explanatory text and so is particularly suitable for translation and global use.

Large Pool of Questions (Item Bank)

All questions are drawn from a larger pool of questions (item bank). Hence, a person does not get the same questions if completing the test more than once.

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Invited Access (IA)

The report is available in Invited Access (IA).

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Test Administration

Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

16 minutes

Group Overview

Access via Oasys free of charge

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