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Candidate Preparation – Wave Strengths

Introducing Wave® Strengths

This page is designed to help you understand how to approach the Strengths questionnaire. The questionnaire explores a person’s talents within a work context. Research has demonstrated that Saville Assessment Wave® questionnaires are powerful predictors of a wide variety of performance and behaviour at work.

Completing Wave Strengths

The questionnaire is presented in blocks of six statements which you are asked to rate on a nine-point scale, ranging from 1 – ‘Very Strongly Disagree’ to 9 – ‘Very Strongly Agree’. Please enter your responses by selecting the appropriate rating for each statement. You must respond to every statement to progress to the next page.

If you give the same rating for two or more statements, these statements may be presented to you again. You will be asked to indicate which statement is most like you and which statement is least like you.


In the example, the respondent has indicated that they:

  • agree that it is important to know how well they have done
  • agree that they are an optimist
  • are unsure whether or not they are good at generating ideas
  • strongly disagree that technology is one of their strong points
  • very strongly agree that they are good at understanding how others feel
  • very strongly agree that they are someone who is confident when meeting new people

Because the respondent has given the same rating to two pairs of statements, these are presented again and the respondent is asked to indicate which statement is most like them and which statement is least like them.

How to approach Wave Strengths

When completing the questionnaire, it is important you consider the following points:

  • When responding to each statement, be as discerning as possible by using the full range of responses, from ‘Very Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Very Strongly Agree’.
  • Please be as honest as you can. There is no one right or wrong answer; job roles vary and there are many ways of being effective in any one job.
  • A number of response checks are built into the questionnaire to validate the consistency of your responses. Your responses will also be verified against other information collected.
  • Before you complete the questionnaire, you may find it useful to reflect on your own work style. You may also find it useful to consider any feedback you have received from others on your style at work.
  • Try to answer from a work perspective as much as possible.
  • The questionnaire is best completed when you are alert and free from interruptions.
  • If you have any special requirements, it is important that you make these known immediately to allow appropriate accommodations to be made.