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Building Resilient Agility

Agility can help you survive. Resilient Agility will ensure you thrive.

Change and transformation isn’t new, but the current pace is unprecedented and accelerating. Having employees who are comfortable with complexity and possess the emotional resilience to adapt to change is becoming increasingly important to the success of organizations. Resilient Agility can help you identify and develop individuals who are more likely to be effective during times of change.

Used for

  • Organizational transformation
  • Early-careers recruitment
  • Individual development
  • Team development

The Resilient Agility Model

Our ground-breaking model is based on 10 years of big-data research and focuses on the 4 key drivers of Resilient Agility, each of which is underpinned by 5 behavioral dimensions.

Dealing with Change –
Embracing change positively. Managing uncertainty with composure.
Staying Connected
– Making and maintaining connections. Actively participating and communicating.
Enabling New Ways of Working – Using insights to forge new directions at work. Ensuring effective work plans are delivered.
Maintaining Drive – Capitalizing on the opportunities change presents. Keeping everyone focused on key work objectives.


The Building Resilient Agility Report


Group analytics can also be generated to present the collective capacity for resilient agility in your workforce.

This provides organizations with powerful dynamic data to see the overall picture and benchmark capacity for change at a group level.

Find out more about Resilient Agility in this short video

man writing on a glass wall of sticky notes


Assesses an individual’s strengths and preferences in relation to each of the four drivers of Resilient Agility
Provides the individual with opportunity to reflect on the guidance in their profile and create a personal action plan to help build their capacity for effectiveness during change and transformation
Highly-visual and easy-to-interpret data
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